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Important Messages


As of 12:00 pm EDT on Monday, May 3rd, 2021, the old Canadian Hydrographic Service WDS services (observations and predictions) have been decommissioned. Please refer to the web services page for information on using the new REST-API for direct access to official water level data and other available services.


Due to the availability of complete volumes of the Canadian Tide and Current Tables on as viewable and printable PDF files, and additional information in different formats (predictions, observations in tables, and graphics) being available on, the Canadian Hydrographic Service is permanently discontinuing the printing of all volumes of Canadian Tide and Current Tables. As such, the 2021 New Edition and all future volumes will be only available digitally and will not be sold in paper format. Advances in technology bring a new era of marine navigation with a focus on digital and electronic products. The Canadian Hydrographic Service is transforming the way it delivers quality data and services to clients, in a timely manner, to support decision-making. For more information, visit


Please note that the CHS tides database can no longer manage the data received from Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) for the following stations: Sainte-Anne-De-Bellevue (#16005) and Pointe-Claire (#15330). We are currently building a new system that will support these stations which will be available later this year.

For immediate access to ECCC tide gauge data, please follow the links below. Be aware that the vertical datum from ECCC (IGLD85) is not the same as from CHS (Chart Datum):


An issue was discovered in the calculations for Holyrood (00925) station 2020 data. Corrections have been applied and the WDS has been updated. If you have acquired data from the WDS service for Holyrood (00925) station prior to Tuesday February 11th 2020, please be advised you must re-download the data starting Dec 14th 2019 and onward through 2020.


Users of the WDS tidal prediction data service: A problem developed with water level prediction data on the WDS service following loading of new 2020 data, which commenced on Nov 10, 2019. If you have acquired data from the WDS service on or prior to Thursday Dec 5th 2019, please be advised you must re-download all tidal predictions starting Dec 14th 2019 and onward through 2020.